About Us

Hey Y'all!  Welcome to our crazy obsessions!
Like most crafters, we are mother's whom have struggled to survive 2020-2021.
Hi There! My name is Aimee. I was a stay home mommy for many years from 2001-2012, after my last child, my husband, always an entrepreneur started another company which grew at a rate we never thought would happen. I've stood by him helping his multi million dollar corporation(s) thrive, but always knew that there was more meant for myself. While working for Mr. Hubby, I found herself in charge of all the employee's (even have degree's in the HR field, but don't worry, I'm not your typical stick HR personal), all the marketing, as well as allot of the designing and social media content. When the pandemic hit, that thriving business that paid me, took a massive hit placing me back into a stay at home mother status. Except now, my youngest child was in the 4th grade. Not being able to sit still and being a side hustling crafter for years, I decided to take a leap of faith starting with selling my crafts.
My youngest daughter is mommy's ultimate sidekick!  She's been learning about business since she was in diapers. She is in full control of all our inventory and even has her own TikTok brewing with cute little clips of her perspective on our company. She's 9 y'all. She's a smart one and runs everything past the boss before gaining approval ;) 
We deeply thank y'all for all'y'all's support. We are located in the heart of Texas. Your good 'ol Southern Sweeties are just a click away!